Saturday, December 31, 2011

2nd Card Entry into the Weekly Challenge over at "Smudgy Antic"

Well I want to enter this card into the challenge that has run for 2 week's @ Smudgy Antic's.
This is the 2nd card I have entered into this challenge.
I used a rubber stamp from the set "Chick's dig Gun's"
Yes we do, right? I know I dont mind the extra security around the house.
These day's you have to have alittle something extra around the house to feel content and safe.
That's a totaly shame too but maybe someday probably not in my lifetime there will be world peace.
I think there has been lot's of us pray for that for many year's. Someday maybe. We Hope.....
But anyway back to the card. I used the only christmas paper I had this year again on this card which is My mind's eye. (I think) no that's it. Lost and Found. I used a die cut I acquired somewhere in my crafty trip's on the front that's where I stuck my chick.
She's waiting on Santa cause he didnt bring everything she wanted.
Which as everyone alreay know's is a total lie for me cause I got everything I asked for. Even though one of them I first asked for 3 year's ago I'm loving it. I finally got a cricut. 3rd time was a charm.
On the inside of the card I used a stamp that I just got christmas day from my Secret Santa over at "Smeared and Smudged". It is so me. I love it.
So if the bullet misses ol santa the laced cookie's will get him.
Sorry everyone but Santa will be fine by next year and coming around to give out gift's again.

Just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year to you and your's and I hope the new year bring's everything that you want and need it to bring.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 12 of "12 Day's of Christmas" Smeared and Smudged Style

Hello again. Well today is the last day of this blog hop.
Now what am I going to do every other day?
I have been entering some more challenge's so maybe I'll just keep on doing that.
Give's me something to do with my card's and tag's and stuff before giving them away or throwing them in the box which usually happen's.
I just want to take this minute and thank everyone over at smeared and smudged for allowing me to join in on this blog hop. Dont forget if ya'll need me again just holler.
I'll come out and play whenever you guy's want me to.
Also I want to wish each and every one of you guy's a Merry Happy and safe Christmas.
Ok nowon to the other stuff.
Today I am sharing 3 thing's with you that I made just today.
A christmas card for the hubby- an atc-- and a altered snow sled.
No not a full size one just one to hang on the tree or mantle or whatever.
For the sled and the atc I used the new digi from smeared ink that I won during the weekly challenge over at smudgy antic's. Their addy is if you would like to go over and join in on a fun challenge. They hold them weekly with a different theme and different prize's too.
The rubber stamp I used for hubby's card is one from Sweet Pea stamps that I bought a while back.
It is a christmas stamp. They have a bunch of sexy chick stamp's over there.
I tried to use my glossy accent's on the candle's of the skull's to make it look more life like dripping candle wax. It kinda look's real but of course the camera does not show that.
Well my camera wouldn't anyway.
That's one thing I would love to have new.
Or at least a scanner printer. I just use a 28 buck printer only and love it but sometime's wish for a scanner.
Well I hope you guy's enjoy your weekend and dont forget to hop around to the other blog's to see what kind of eye candy they all have out today.
Thank you for joining us on this month long journey and keep an eye out for more.
The blog roll is in the upper right corner of this page.
Have a good one!!!

Hubby's Xmas Card
Inside of Card

Entry into the Dilly Bean's Designer's Friday Challenge's "Santa Baby"

Hello. Well this is the first time I have entered the Dilly Bean challenge.
I purchased some digi's a while back and have colored a few but never used them to enter a challenge.
I seen where a special artist I know entered and thought that I would join in and enter this week too.
I have to use this digi before christmas as it is mainly a Christmas looking image.
But I am sure I will switch hat's around throughout the year and use it other time's.
I decided to make a tag tonight for this challenge.
I used 2 digi's from dilly bean. The santa image and also the christmas tree's behind the main image are also from them.
I used a couple present's from Smeared Ink's digital stamps. You can check them out @ They have lot's of digi's that would go great with Dilly Bean digi's.
I used Fired Brick distress ink on the tag.
The poinsettia flower on top is from an assortment of paper goodie's I got in a recent Atc swap with a bonus pack of scrapbooking from your stash.
The greenery I made with my martha stewart paper punch.
The christmas ticket was a freebie from a site called Miss Cutie Pie's. she has a few awesome freebie image's on and off on her site.
I guess that is it.
I'm really starting to get into entering challenge's. Give's me something to do after I make a card beside's throw it in a box with the rest of the cards and tag's and stuff I make.
Well they still end up there but at least I get to share them first.
Some get handed out to friends but they are probably tired of getting them all the time.
Hope you guys like this card.
Now I'm off to finish my project for the last day of the "12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop" with Smeared and Smudged.
The blog roll is on the upper right hand side if you would like to go through and check out all the awesome eye candy that's been made from everyone this month.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year too...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 11 of "12 Day's of Christmas" Smeared and Smudged Style"

Well helllooo again... Next to the last day of the 12 Day's.
What in the world am I going to do now?
Work on alloting my time better for the next time I am invited on one of these journey's.
For today I took some wooden block's and added some image's on them and of course some paper as well. I cant remember where the scrap's of paper are from they came out of my scrap bin of this and that left over from many other project's.
I used 4 different companie's digi's and rubber stamp's this time.
The Angel Guy is from Smeared Ink and also used "The Watchful Eye"
My Christmas "Grumpie" I finally got my hand's on the set and got to use him. Grumpie's rule.
I used a sexy santa chick from Kenny K.
I used a Christmas Rubber Stamp from "Sweet Pea" stamps from the artist Bill Plank.. The one of the tree with the lil elve's climbing in and out of it. 
The 2 Voodoo christmas character's are from
They have a few freebie digi's they give out every once in a while and that's how I acquired them.
You should go check them out if you want. I'm sure they are a group that you would get into.
I had to print and color a few little watchful eye's and threw them around in front of block's just to stage the pic alittle more. I will use them on something later on.
The blog list is in the upper right hand side. Please go check everyone's work out.
You will not be disappointed.

I would also like to enter this into Anything Goes Challenge Blog @

I would also like to enter this into Stampin' for the Weekend blog @

I would also like to enter this into The Cheerful Stamp Pad blog @

I would also like to enter this into Make it Monday Challenge" @

I would like to enter this into Mami Doodles: Digital images for cardmakers @

Last but not least I would like to enter these into Jellypark Challenges: Friday Challenges @

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas" Smeared and Smudged style"

Hello everyone. First and foremost I would like to apologize for posting this late.
I had to work late unexpectedly today.
Yea I know I should alway's be prepared for thing's like that to happen.
I'm getting better at getting thing's ready for all of my new online buddie's.

I would just like to take a minute and wish ALL of you a very Merry Christmas and hope that your New Year bring's you everything that you hope and dream it will.

Now on to today's project. I made a card again. I have had to make more card's than I had initially planned on making. I assumed right off the bat that I would have plenty of time to make mostly some kind of altered item but it didnt work out in my favor on that.
I am off the rest of the evening and I think I will use today to get a couple of those I had planned on making finished and started.
I had to get this santa stamp and use him before christmas was over.
I think he is so cool looking. Look's like he has been rode hard and put up wet a time or two too many.
I love how the artist threw in the wrinkle's. Was a perfect touch.
I used glossy accent's on his blade. I colored all the digi's with copic marker's.
Used "Renee" from the "Gothic Fairy" set from smeared ink along with santa. I also used the hand's wreath from the "Gothic Christmas" set also from smeared ink. Used the raven from the set "Quoth the Raven" for Renee's pet bird. and threw on the "Watchful eye" digi just because I like him and haven't used him for a few project's.
I decorated the envelope with matching paper and ribbon. Oh yea the patterned paper is "Once upon a time" from DCWV and the green is from their texured cardstock pad (neutral's)
wooooo weeee that's alot of stuff that went on this card.
Does everyone like knowing what people use on the card's?
I personally like it myself cause it gives me idea's and some heads up on crafting supplie's as I have to buy most of mine online and it;s just not the same as walking up and down the isle with close up shot's of stuff. So seeing what other' crafter's use help's me to do a search for the right stuff.

Anyway enough blabbering, right? I'm sorry I told you before I get carried away. Enjoy!!
Front and Envelope
Inside of card
I would also like to enter this into smudgy antic's weekly challenge.  I will post it separately for the correct link. It is running for 2 week's this time due to the christmas holiday.
Anyone reading this blog should go check their site out.
They have a different themed challenge every week and I have seen prizes from digi stamp's to handmade jewelry since I have been an active member with them.
They just changed their rules so that now you can use any digi that you so choose and still be eligible for the prize. Go over and play along.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Entry for Smudgy Antics Weekly Challenge "Inspired by a book, poem or film

I would like to enter this card into the weekly challenge.
 My card is inspired from an awesome movie "Freak's" A 1932 Tod Browning film.
I seen this movie for the first time when I was a teen and have loved it and watched it many time's since.
When I seen the theme for this week's challenge this movie was the first thing that came to mind.
Lucky for my my new rubber set from smeared ink came in the mail today and made the card more possible. I used the "Carnival"and also a couple stamps from the "Quoth the Raven" set.
I used some paper from Basic Grey's Eerie paper pad set.
Printed and cut out some image's I searched for and found online..
I stamped the envelope with a stamp from the "Carnival" set and used walnut stain distress ink on it and the card.
Wrote out some famous quote's from the movie and there you have it.
I am happy the way it turned out.
Hope everyone is having a great night.
                                                         Front of card and Envelope
Inside of card

Closer shot of front

I would like to enter this card also into the "Make it Monday" weekly challenge.
as well as "Smudgy Antic's" weekly challenge

Day 9 of 12 Day's of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style

Howdy Howdy from the smaller citie's of the world.
Wow day 9 and I'm still hanging in there.
Kinda proud of myself. Dont get me wrong I had faith in myself for sure but keeping up with everyone else on the hop has been a challenge.
So many awesome artist's out there it just kill's me.
I'm having a blast and hope to get invited again for another one. (hint hint)
But anyway got called off to work today and tried like crazy to explain to the electronic dummy hubby of mine on how to log on and post a pic.
I should have known better than that.
It went from Whatcha want for supper to trying to explain how to do it to go to wendy's and get your own suppper. LoL.
Nah it was'nt that bad but there were a few loud word's coming over the cell phone airway's in my neighborhood. I'll never ask him again. Believe it or not about the only thing my hubby know's how to do on a computer is turn it on and sometime's I have to remind him of where the button is.
All and all I made another tag for today using  digital stamp's of course.
Same paper from Lost and Found from My mind's eye.
Threw some stickle's on it tied some ribbon on the top and waaalaaahh. Another christmas tag smeared ink style. Aw bout forgot I even made a tag reinforcer thing for the top of tag.
First time I've ever did that and I rather like the way it look's so I think that's something I will keep on doing. I liiiikkeee it........
Hope you guys like my day 9 Tag

I also wanted to show you guy's a card I made for a patient of mine. It's a cutesy card using a rub on I bought last year. A christmas tree rubber stamp I bought at the dollar store and a snowman rubber stamp and of course more lost and found paper on the inside. I stamped same images on the envelope.
He really liked it. Said it was the first handmade card he had ever gotten. Had mixed feeling's about that. Felt good for making him one but felt bad that there's not more crafter's in my area who like to make thing's other than quilt's. Dont get me wrong I like me a nice warm quilt and have one on bed daily but that's all the crafting you hear about around here. Amongst the women anyway.
My man is alway's doing something crafty.
Hope you guy's have a great weekend

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 8 of "12 Day's of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style"

Hello everyone. We are at day 8 of this christmas hop.
I'm personally gonna hate to see it end. I am having a blast.
Well short and sweet today as I'm off to the big employment life. Yeee Haww gotta go make that dime ya know.
I made a tag card kinda thing today. It started out to be just a tag and then I came across this cool border stuff and was out of room on tag so had to throw in a card to go with it. Also used that border on the side of the envelope.
I like using the brown card's to make my cards.
Sometimes I use paperbags but they are so hard to find nowaday's.
I used a smeared ink rubber stamp of course from their "Chick's Dig Gun's set" They still have that rubber stamp available over at there store.
 here is my offering for today

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas Smeared and Smudged style

Hello all once again.
Yes once again I am most likely the last one to get their project posted for the hop today.
Probably a good thing my link is close to the end. LoL
Well I just a few seconds ago finished today's goody.
I made some clay beads last night and finished up a necklace today.
I made a couple simple easy stripey cane's sliced and diced um baked um and I think it turned out pretty good. It's not Christmasy but it is a Christmas gift to someone.
I used rubber stamp's of course and stamped the image's on almond colored shrink plastic with staz on ink. Did'nt have to do any coloring on this which was a plus when your in a hurry. Grabbed my jewelry making tackle box of goodies and made this necklace.
The clay you see at the bottom of the pic is left over un-baked clay that I havent came up with anything to do with yet. I am for sure going to make a pair of earring's and there will still be alot of that left over.
Got any idea's for me?
The rubber I used is from the set Quoth the Raven that I was lucky enough to get before everything goes digital.
They have a few set's of rubber left at their store if you are interested. Just click that link above and it will take you straight to their store.
Once they are gone I am assuming they are gone.
But all will be available soon digitally.
I'm still learning how to use image's digitally.
What is sad is I own Adobe Photoshop elements 9 and don't know how to use it yet.
I will learn though.
But anyway back to the blog hop. Please follow the link's on the top right of this page and go check out all the other project's today. Guarantee you will like what you see.
Oh yea and I want to mention their blog site there they have weekly challenge's with weekly awesome prizes. Different theme every week. You should go check it out and play along.
It's addicting. Bigtime..


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas with Smeared and Smudged

Rock n Roll I am on time and ready to roll. We are half way through the fun of the 12 days.
How is everyone else doing this fine sunday morning?
I have to work today so I'm gonna post this and lay around watch a little tv and wait to hit the road.
I just now finished my project. Yep 6 am.
I used an old wreath I had laying around forever for today's fun.
I started it out for the weekly challenge at for their steampunk on the darkside challenge then decided to make a card instead cause I wanted to make sure I got to use that image of the old steam engine thing.
So then decided to make day 6 some kind of steampunk theme.
But I couldnt come up with a good enough plot to satisfy myself and my goal of using only smeared ink stamps for this blog hop. I have quite a few images of their's but just couldnt come up with which one to use with the wreath and the gear's and all.
So I decided to take the cogs off and start over.
Then it ended up just a simple wreath but I kinda like it.
I was gonna use an image from the chicks dig guns set with the deer head skull but what I came up with I figured was alittle too cruel for this sunday day.
I definately will use it before the hop is over as I figure a few of you would have gotten a kick out of it for sure.
But anyway everyone have a great sunday and rest up for the week ahead. yeee haww, right?
Enjoy! Definately go check out everyone else's projects for the day. Blog roll is on the top right of this page.

Smudgy Antic's Weekly CHallenge Entry "Steampunk on the Darkside"

I would like to enter the card below into the weekly challenge over at
Their challenge this week is a Steampunk theme. So for the front of my card I used a steam engine. What else.
They have an awesome awesome prize of your choice handmade earring's and a bag and tag. Made by the awesome artist Blackdragon.
If you have never seen her work you definately need to check her stuff out. There is a pic of the prize shown for the weekly challenge and you can find more of her work at
I think lots of paper crafter's are getting into the steampunk right now.
For this card it's not so much dark as it is total steampunk.
I used some graphic 45 steampunk debutante paper I had in my stash along with some collage atc pieces from
They have lots of nice digital and paper collage image's.
I totally enjoyed making this card.
I told everyone before I tend to do a little over-kill on alot of stuff that I do and make especially when I am crafting. The rubber stamps I used are from smeared ink of course and their from the set Quoth the Raven and also I think the stay strong on the side of steam engine may be from their carnie set. I got it in a grab bag set I bought a long time ago.
There is lot's to look at on this card and I hope everyone enjoy's looking.
The 2nd pic is of the inside of the card.
Here lately I haven't been able to set a card down until I have decorated the inside as well.
Dont know what got that started but I enjoy putting something on the inside as well.
I think it also helps balance it out and it just feels better in the hand and not so lopsided.
If that make's sense at all.
Enjoy everyone and Good luck to everyone who is entering this week's challenge.
                                                                                    Front of Card
Inside of Card
The wreath behind the pic's is the start of my project for Day 6 of Smeared and Smudged 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.  The spool's on the left are an awesome thrift store find I had a few day's ago. Arent they awesome. They have a ton of them and so far I have 4 that size and 2 smaller sizes. They have a ton over there and selling for 4 buck's a piece so I'll probably have a few. Boy wouldnt that much thread last a person a lifetime?
Dont forget about hopping around and checking out everyone's eye candy of christmas goodie's.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 5 of Smeared and Smudged "12 Days of Christmas"

Hello everyone and thanks for hopping by my spot today.
I'm telling you all I will most likely be late for my own funeral.
Yes I was late for my wedding too..LoL.
I just finished the card part of my submission a few minutes ago.
I made a christmas tree ornament using the awesome grumpie rubber stamp from smeared ink.
He is one of my fav's. He looks like a lil chunky grumpie. He's awesome.
I made this last night using popsicle sticks. I can't remember where I first learned how to do this.
Most definately from a blog online somewhere but I apologize I cannot remember.
I painted it red and loaded it with tinsel type glitter stuff. Got his santa hat from another digi I have.
The ribbon is from my stash and the bow is from last year's christmas decoration's.
Here is the Christmas Card.

Image on the front and the one inside are both from smeared ink of course.
I plan to use nothing but smeared ink stamps digi and rubber for this blog hop. I just got my hands on the "Gothic Christmas" set and also the drinking elfette so I should be good to go on christmas image's.
The paper is once again My mind's eye "Lost and Found"
The holly is some more pieces I got in the recent Atc swap and also the poinsettia on the inside came from the same place. The gold ribbon on the front also came from the swap. I ran some walnut stain ink down it and all around the card front.
The embossed card front thing I bought from a lady on etsy.
I dont have a cricut or a cuttlebug so stuff like that i love getting in swap's and stuff. An envelope full of diecuts and embossed paper's would make me happier than a pig eatin sh_ _!  Hint Hint. LoL
I will have a cricut someday. But until then I will continue to trace and cut out, trace and cut out and trace and . yea got stuck there for a minute.

Well please hop around and check out all the other awesome creation's on the hop.
The list is on the right hand top side of this page.
Thank's for looking and thanks again for all the awesome comment's you guy's are leaving me.
Totally not used to this kind of stuff but getting more and more comfortable every day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 4 of "Smeared and Smudged" "12 Days of Christmas"

Well Well Well it's day 4 of 12 Days of Christmas. I made a simple lil easy card for today.
You guys probably know me by now always rushing around.
I threw in my sick lil sense of humor on this one. You'll see as you go down.
I used a christmas image on the front that I aquired last year from a  Beccy's blog (I hope that's right)
and I used one of my smeared and smudged stamps on the inside.
The greeting I printed off of the internet and the paper is again Lost and Found from My mind's eye.
I got the ribbon from a recent Atc swap that included a bonus of some bling included with your atc.
Got some great christmas goodies to use from it. Just got them yesterday so I will be posting pics of the atc's I got in the mail. I signed up for 3 this time so I got 27 awesome lil piece's of art.
Of course I had to make 27 too. All had to be different too. It was a challenge But I loved it.
I hope everyone is having fun on smeared and smudged hopping and blogging cause I sure am.
See everyone in a few more days

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 3 of Smeared and Smudged" 12 Days of Christmas" blog hop

Hello all. I apologize to anyone who has already dropped by today.
I am totally late getting this up. School-Work-Animals-Hubby there is just not enough time in the day.
As my Grandfather would say "Hurry up girl your burning up daylight"
I didnt get finished with the project I wanted to post today so I took the easy way out and threw together 3 Atc's for you guys to look at.
I will have the other ready for day 4.
Again I used Smeared ink's "Watchful Eye" digi. It is one of their new digi's.
They have just released quite a few awesome digi's. Mostly with a Christmas theme but there are a few that can be used all year round. That's what I was thinking about this image cause I could always just change his hat around and use him all year round.
Gotta think outside the box I reckon. LoL.
I havent been able to buy any of the new one's yet but payday is rolling in quick and then I will have some new one's to play with.
The rest of the awesome creater's are in the blog hop list on the right hand side over there so you can go check out alot of good eye candy.
Smeared and Smudged forum has alot of awesome crafter's.
Anyway I'll get on with the cards. Told you guys I talk too much.
Skull is new digi from Smeared Ink called "Watchful Eye" and the 2 Grumpies are from my new rubber stamp set. I made that lil what they call in the craft world lollipop flower out of an old shirt I cut up for the fabric. Used my copic markers and colored pencils to color everything and the background paper is Lost & Found from My Mnd's Eye. Lil flower on the red hat is stamped from my bombshell stamps. I think that's it.
Please go check out the rest of the team's awesome creation's and tell all your fellow crafter's about the blog hop going on. They also will be giving out prizes again as usual. They are alway's offering challenge's with prize's and all kind's of cool thing's constantly going on.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 2 of Smeared and Smudged "12 Days of Christmas"

Hello again everyone and welcome to Day 2 of this awesome blog hop.
I made an altered altoid candy tin today. I used smeared ink's new digi release image called "Watchful Eye" he is awesome and you will probably see me using him more than once.
My goal is to use nothing but smeared ink's digi's for this hop.
It may get alittle crazy  looking but I will get er done.
I used stickles and paper from 7gypsies.  My smeared ink digi of course and also a rubber stamp from for the inside. I also used a piece of black shrink plastic to make the wings I glued him too. Cut out a xmas tree and used a bat image for the tree topper and of course some shiny bling. Not christmasy without some glitter or shine somewhere, right? 
Well I hope you all are enjoying this awesome blog hop and have fun hopping around and looking at everyone's fabulous work.Thank's for stopping by here and Thanks for all the awesome comment's everyone has been leaving me.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smeared and Smudged "12 Days of Christmas" Blog Hop

Yeah this is my first ever blog hop. So I hope I do it right. I'm sure there is something that I should have wrote down that I did'nt but I'm sure someone will let me know. I am totally late posting this. WiFi internet is so untrusting. I lost my own service a few month's ago and have been grabbing service from the hospital next door. Most of the time it works pretty good.
Unless of course there is something that I need to do that is very important. Then it doesnt want to work.
I made a card this morning for the 1st day. Well I sorta cheated a bit. I colored the image a few or so days ago and put it all together today. I call her "The Dark Christmas Angel"
I didnt use a smeared ink image and feel bad seeing how this is the first day. But I promise for now on they will be ALL smeared ink digi's and rubber used.
I wont make a card every day either. Just didnt have time to make anything else today.
I'll probably send this Dark Angel to a guy friend of mine that like's stuff like I do. He always ends up with my cards and stuff that no one else I know would like.
He has a box started now he say's.
I cant remember where this image came from. I have 1 more left printed out on paper. Have no clue (sorry) where it came from.
The background paper is basic grey eerie pack and there's stickles on her and I stamped Merry Christmas on a separate piece of paper went over it with a grey marker.
The flower and the black stud thing's are from prima. I bought them off a girl from etsy who has awesome prices on prima's. Her user name is "Layouts from the heart" If anyone is interested"
I buy most of my craft stuff online cause joann's around here cater's to quilter's mostly.
But anyway promise post's wont be this long. I talk to much and yes I've been told that since I was little. Me and my whole family talk alot and loud. We are super loud when we are all together.

Smeared and Smudged Junk Funk Challenge for November entry

These are the tags that I entered into the "Junk Funk" challenge over at smeared and smudged forum. You had to use a recycle piece of their choosing into your project. I brainstormed this forever not know what to do but then I seen someone that used them to make some snowmen and I copied their idea and made mine into monster's. I tried to get this uploaded onto the forum before the 1st central time I do believe is there deadline but I could be wrong on the time thing. I was pushing to get it central time as I was passed the eastern time midnight.

So either way I had a good time using my new "Lil Grumpie's set I just got in the mail the other day. They are so awesome and I was glad to get them before all the rubber stamps are gone.

They are selling out of all the rubber so if any of you reading this want any of their rubber set's you better hurry up. First come first serve.

I seen today that they have new digi stamps on their store site now.

Also their 12 days of Christmas is starting tomorrow I do believe.

Well hope you all find the card cute. I had fun making them. I had no plan at all when I started this. I colored the pics I wanted to use but that's all I had planned beside's turning my tabs into monster's.

I stamped lil grumpies eyes and layered them on the the full size stamped grumpie. I cut the bottom off of the grey one cause his feet was just too cute to cover up.

I used rock candy on the bluebird rider and put him on their like he is holding the grumpie. feather's of course. the tab with the circus dude on it is on the homemade paper that I made not too long ago. it was the first I tried to make my own paper. It's ok paper but falls apart real easy. I guess I didnt press it good enough or something. I plan on trying again. I put gesso down on the other tag first and then inked it up and stacked on the images.

I tend to have a problem with over killing my project's. I kinda hate to see empty spot's and tend to load the stuff on. Sometime's that's a good thing but sometime's I over do it and it looks junky.

But again enjoy

close up of the large bread tabs I stamped and layered on the full size cut out's.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Craft Barn Blog Candy Giveaway.

Wow and what an amazing candy giveaway it is.
I am new to the blog posting world thing and have never won a blog candy giveaway let alone offer one myself. I think it is so awesome how many people (crafter's) out there that offer up these types of giveaway's. It is amazing how many generous people are still out there.
I sometime's wonder where all the nice and generous people are these days after I have a sorta bad day around here then I just log onto my many blog's that I follow and see all the different challenge's going on and the prize's being awarded and the blog candy giveaway's that blogger's offer up to anyone.
Whether they know you or not. Just for simply becoming a follower and reading their blog.
Which most of the time alot of people would just do it for free.
I have seen alot of site's offer alot of different goodies of all type's.
I am a very generous person myself. It's just the joy I guess of giving something to someone who otherwise would not have it. That is my enjoyment of giving.
Especially around here with all the limited crafting shop's we have and all.
I do most all of my craft shopping online. We do have a Joann's fabric store but the contents of the store is in the name. FABRIC... I guess around here most of the ladie's and few gents that do craft are just into quilt's. which I like quilt's. who doesnt like a good heirloom quilt, right?
But as far as papercrafting or polymer clay or jewelry, art journal, mixed media it just doesnt exist at my local joann's.
So I do most of my shopping online.
Ok there I go again rambling and totally jumped off of the topic like I alway's do when writing a letter or telling a story.
Anyway I am sure that we have all gotten the point of my post today.
It is always very nice sometimes to give than to recieve.
So at this giving time of year be glad we are all alive and well and give thanks if nothing else.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Smudgy Antic's Weekly Challenge Entry

Howdy everyone lookin.
I am posting a picture of my entry for the challenge over at
Theme was to use "Hearts" somewhere on your project.
Well I was lucky enough to win the challenge for last week and the prize was a heart.
It was from their "Inner Working's" set. You can follow this link to go straight to it if you are interesting in buying one for yourself.
They have lots of other cool stamps. Rubber and Digital and other merchandise as well.
I chose to make a large tag this week using that stamp along with some other new rubber stamps I just got in the mail the other day from  They are another awesome site that carries digital and rubber stamps. The stamps I used are only available in rubber.
The first set is  "Mi Amor" Mistress of the night Senora Muertas along with the roses and leaves are from their " Sugar Skull's" Collection. and the sugar skull at the bottom is from their "Smiling Skulls" set.
I crinkled the tag and then ironed it out flat and used red brick and black soot distress inks on it.
I also stamped the clock from a wood mounted Tim Holtz stamp.
I also used rock candy from Tim's collection of stuff on the heart and at the bottom left I used a wax seal thingy and put a heart design on it using gold wax.
Added some feather's from my collection.
I love using feather's on stuff that I make.
I do believe that is it. I dont know if I'm supposed to say what all I use or not. I just see other's do it. Well some do and some dont. I myself like it cause it gives me idea's and the know how to buying more craft stuff. I have to buy all mine online and I dont have the thrill of walking down the isle looking so I do my shopping from everyone's blogs.
They are giving away a grumpie image this week and that is another of their awesome stamps I am dying to own. So everyone wish me luck and I wish everyone Good Luck.
Thank's for looking and take care of you and your's.

I also had to throw this picture in. It's of my kitty. Well she's almost a cat now. She stayed little forever I didnt think she was ever gonna grow and then all of a sudden whamo she's huge. Not my lil baby anymore. LoL I love animals. I have 3 dog's and my kitty and 2 rats left.
I had 7 rats at this time last year but if anyone know's rats they sure dont have a long life span.
and it kill's me too. I started adopting rats and got them all at the same time and yepper their the same age and yepper dying really close together.
That's the only downfall of having pet rat's. other than that they are a great pet. Alot smarter than what everyone think's. A person will get bit by a hamster alot quicker than they would a rat.
But anyway enough rambling.
All that from just wanting to post a picture of my kitty cat. LoL
She slept in that blanket all afternoon. That's what all the animal's did today. SLEEP. Including the hubby..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My entry in the Weekly Challenge at "Smudgy Antics"

Hello. It has been a while since I posted on my blog.
I have been doing a few crafty things around the house.
With my classes and trying to take care of all that's mine thing's get a little crunched up sometime's.
But I'm sure we all know about that.
Well I made this wall hanger on Halloween Day so I hope it will pass as an entry.
I have made a few cards and atc's since then but havent altered anything since halloween day.
That's only 12 days ago so hopefully it will pass.
They are all awesome over there so I am sure there will be no problem.
You should go check them out at
They also have some awesome rubber stamps, digital stamps, and other merchandise on their website.
I had a lady ask me about the heart stamp I used on my journal page for the weekly assignment over at
It's was the human heart from their "Quoth the Raven" set.
One of my fav sets. I like them all but couldnt wait to get that rubber stamp set.

Ok so now on to the wall hanging.
I used Edgar, the Raven,Nevermore and also the skull is from that set as well. (Quoth the Raven)
The Happy Halloween and Sweet nightmare stamps are also from
The feather's are from my stash of pigeon feather's that I collect from out in the yard. Y es we have a few of them that like to roost on the roof. I roughed them up a bit to make them look alittle worn down.
The big raven pic came from website. They have alot of awesome clipart there that is free. The word Boo is glued onto coaster's that I collected from the bar I used to work at. I put some gold embossing powder on some spots. Hooked some black ribbon on it and there ya go.
Now it's hanging in my craft room where it will probably be until next halloween. Lol.
Actually I like it that much. maybe I will use it and hang a different image on it for every holiday as they come. I'll change the boo to Xmas and keep everything else the same. colors and all. LoL

But anyway this is my entry for Smudgy Antics weekly challenge this week. "Alter Something"
Thanks for looking and hope you like it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Couple little things to say

Well first off I would like to mention that I won the weekly challenge over at Kenny K..
Whooo hooo Thats the 2nd challenge I won since I started this online blog stalking thing.
Well I guess I have graduated from just stalking to actually playing along.
I am loving it too. Actually I do still stalk alot of people's blog's.
No way I can ever get through them in a day. Way too many good one's out there.
Although there are a few that I make sure to visit daily.

Second thing I wanted to mention was that I recently took part in an ATC swap.
Wow that was so much fun.
It was offered over at Crafter's Digital Art Center. You can get to it from a link over on the right hand side of my blog. It's the big purple one.
There is all kinds of swaps and challenges and prizes and stuff that goes on over there.
They have a couple swaps going on right now that still have open sign up's so you should go check it out.
Lots of nice ladies over there.
I wanted to post a pic of the cards I got in the mail today from that swap.
It was a Vintage Print ATC Swap. We were each to make 9 cards the same and got 9 different ones back.
Needless to say I am hooked and signed up for every swap they got going on right now. LoL
Yes I said hooked.
But anyway down there is the pic of the cards I got.
I was signed up for 2 groups so I got more than 9 different cards back. The 2 cards I made are on the bottom row.
The first one with man in trench coat on bottom row and the very last one that says charm on it with the lady and white flower on bottom row.
Well hope you guys enjoy looking at the card's.
It was truly a blast making them.
Have a good one....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kenny K Weekly Challenge Entry

This is my first entry into the Kenny K challenges. I have bought and used their digi's alot and wanted to enter a challenge but just hadnt gotten around to it. Well lately I have been not only being a blog stalker but trying to be a blogger myself. Well pretty much all I do is post my projects online.
This weeks challenge at Kenny K is to use your all time favorite digi.
That was hard to choose. They have alot of new steampunk images that are totally awesome to me but on this challenge I wanted to be true to one of the first digi's I bought from them and used quite a bit on cards and journals and other stuff.
Devilish Donna is the image I chose to use for this challenge.
Colored her with copics and used the rock star cardstock. (I think) that is what it's called. Sorry I cant remember. some bling across the top to top it off. Pathetic try at a laugh I know.
But anyway I really enjoy using kenny k stamps.
thanks for taking a look and enjoy.
Good luck to everyone.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pin Cushion I'm entering @Smudgy weekly challenge "Paint"

Hello all. Below is pictures of a pin cushion i finished literally 5 minutes ago. I was pressed thinking I wasnt going to make it in time. I didnt make it for the challenge last week.
I think the time zone difference is on my side. LoL. Nah it's 11:50 pm so I'm good.
I bought a couple doll baby heads at a thrift store a while back and wasnt quite sure what to do with them.
Well here lately I have been doing alot of sewing so I decided to make me a pin head pin cushion.
I recalled seeing one like this in a craft book a long time ago. I can't remember what the book was called but it had all kinds of wild n funky altered items in it. I wish I could remember the name of it.

When I first seen it I wasnt all that in to mixed media work but have since grown to love it dearly. one of my favorite things to do crafty.

Buy new stuff and make it look old or take a bunch of stuff to make one good project.

 I love the way it turned out.  I stuck my every day red tomatoe lookin pin cushion where the brain should be. LoL. I used burned out fuses for pin heads legs and stuck some lil paper punched rats I bought from this chick on etsy a while back. also stuck one of my frames on the front with a rat inside.
I love rats. I have 3 pet rats left out of 7 the beginning of year. They are all up there in age. That is why I have only 3 now. Downfall of pet rats. 3 to 4 maybe 5 years is all you get out of the little buggers, but they are great. I also took some white flowers and used a black copic marker on them and then glued some eyeballs for the centers of the flowers, took some fiber and wrapped around top of head to cover up my crooked cutting of the scalp, and put a bracelet I made with paper beads around her neck. Blacked her eyes and put some black lipstick on her and sent her on her way to smudgy antics website for the weekly challenge. Oh yea I painted it black first then some crackle and antique white. forgot to mention the whole paint thing. I used my smeared ink rubber sentiment stamp on the front.
Hope you guys like it.