Thursday, March 29, 2012

My crafty walk-in closet

Hello everyone. Well I'm posting this
 link on behalf of all the crafter's over @ Smeared and Smudged.
Someone had started a discussion on how to organize stuff in your craft space and lots of others posted pics of their rooms.
I'm not much of a girly girl so I really have no need for a walk-in closet.
So I turned it into my crafty space. It actually is a pretty good size. It suits me fine.
It is crammed plum full I tell ya that for sure. I love looking at pics of peoples craft spaces. I just love to see where people create all their awesome pieces. Will you show me your room? Mess and all this is it. Have fun looking. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my dump. hahhah

                                                     View looking in from rest of house. Yea I know it's crammed full. I'm a craft pack rat. Well you know I will use it someday. hahahah
Hubby built this for my workspace and shelves for wood stamps n other goodies.
                                                      Another thingy hubby built for paints inks and all the good mags. I have a hard time throwing magazines away...
                                            This is how I store my unmounted stamps.
                                          3rd drawer down from woodmounted stamps. clearstamps on right and stampin up and H2o's and foam stamps stored here.
                                         I just love these lil kinds of diddy box storage things. full of who knows what.
                                                Totally a contraption I put together that consists of milk crate on top right a 3 tired shelf thing I got out of the trash and its sitting on an end table. Yes I dig in the trash sometime's. I live in the historical district and you wouldnt believe some of the stuff these people throw away. I love it. One man's trash is another woman's gold mine. hahhaha. all my paper and magazines and  unmounted stamps here and jewelry making supplies on the bottom.
                                                      another old looking thing I got out of the trash that holds my 6x6 paper pads perfectly. I just love this old thing. Its so cool looking. great find. and of course ya have to have a wood saw hanging on the wall. never know when you will need it.

                                                    shoe hanging thing I keep my embellishments in
                                                        This is another closet hanging cheap plastic thing I use for punches and the pic under is another one I think its actually for jewelry and stuff but my ribbons and stuff fit perfectly in it. plus some other stuff too..

                                                            View of the extra storage space inside the walk in closet. Yes it's always like that.fabric and stuff on top. sewing tools in bins on wheels under sewing machine. When it comes time for sewing I roll that whole thing into the living room on my old antique sewing desk thing. Yep got it out of the trash. Its awesome. It's one of those kind that you used to lift the sewing machine up through the middle and another flap comes out to make it wider.
                                           and this lovely pair. she totally reached over to grab his hand (Paw) when I started snapping pics. It was awesome. they are an oinry pair.
                                            Ooops forgot I uploaded this one. This is the whole view of the table thing hubby made me. When I'm crafting I stand on the far right hand side of this and go at whatever I'm doing. He really out did himself on this table storage thing. He's awesome and very handy. I give him an idea of what I want or I show him a pic and he comes up with just these awesome pieces. He's awesome...
Well I know I took alot of pics but I felt like I had to just to get it all in cause its such a small kinda weird room. But I totally love it.


ike said...

What a FABBO room and look at all those awesome goodies :-D Great piece your Hubby made too. How brilliant and LUV them kittehs :-D xxxxxx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

oh my goodness!! What super organisation!! Fancy doing mine? lol To give you an idea, mine is JUST like yours only looks like its been thrown up in the air 15 times then sat in!

Cindy C. said...

Wow that's some crafty closet you've got there. Thx for sharing.

Lori m said...

Your room is so organized, I'm weeding through trying to get a better handle on my space again.

:) Lori m

skybird said...

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