Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smeared and Smudged "Bloody Valentine Hop" Day 3 of 3

Well today is the final day of the blog hop.
Kinda hate to see it end. Gives me a little discipline ya know?  That knowing there are other's out there depending on you to get this one thing done on time. Feels good sometime's.
 Ok on with it.
I made a card today. Well planned on a card and a tag but just got stuck on the tag bit. It started out one way and went another and just doesnt fit the blog hop. I'm gonna show ya'll anyway.

I used the dripping bloody hearts image from delicious doodles again. The background paper is from Susan's Crafty Chaos. Who I must say has ton's of awesome paper's.
I sprayed it with this Lindy's stamp gang moonmist spray stuff. I'm sure that's not the name. I actually forgot. ooops sorry. It is the Blood colored spray that they have and I must say if you get it to dribble out the end of nozzle it looks just like blood on paper. Also that walnut stain is what I've been using alot for real looking blood on paper. It works killer too.
Next pic is of the card with the tag I started for the hop. Lots of spraying on the background again with homemade ink sprays I made a while back and some grungeboard. I threw the heart with wings from smeared ink in the pic cause what would day 3 be without some smeared ink..

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Smeared and Smudged" "Bloody Valentine Blog Hop Day 2 of 3

Howdy everyone.
Well again today the rope is definitely stiff as the board itself. ahhahh
We finally got some snow around here.
Well this is day 2 of the awesome blog hop going on and I have a couple of things to show you today.
Firstly I just had to make a card using Ikes troll today.
A fellow smeared and smudged crafter had a troll steal one of her project's.
You know who you are. So I thought I'd use a troll I have had for a while and havent used yet.
Ike has some awesome crafty stuff on her site along with digi's. Her link is over there on the right hand side of the page.-------->
Digi's used were Ike's troll and the long thing is a digi from "Make it and the sentiment is from
The poor lilttle wingless cherub is from a sticker sheet I thought I would never use. Perfect for this blog hop though.
I used more red embossing powder for some blood.
The background is made up of ink's and stencils from crafters workshop.
2nd is an atc I put together with some left overs from above card.

 I cant draw anything. I have to use a ruler to draw a straight line and sometime's that isnt even right. So I used another digi from delicious doodles "the bleeding hearts" and cut the dripping blood from them and stuck them on the bottom of sentiment above. Then used one of the hearts on the bottom atc along with the skull digi from delicious doodles.
Hope you guys have fun today.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Smeared and Smudged "Bloody Valentine Blog Hop" Day 1 of 3

Hello all.
Today is the first day of the Valentine Blog Hop. I can't wait to go hopping around and check out all the Bloody goodness.
My craftybrain as taken a vacation on me but I do have a couple thing's for you to gander upon.
Firstly I made this tag last night for this hop.
What didn't I do to this tag? I made the paper homemade out of newspaper back in the summer and  cut out a tag last night. Put some white gesso lightly over it and then some rock candy.
Then the poor hearts went through it too. They are a digi from of course.
I first colored them then put glossy stuff on um then some rock candy and lastly for more crackle used that crackle accent stuff. I just couldnt put enough breaks in those hearts. ahaah I tried to make some blood with some embossing powder but I dont think it ever turned out what I wanted. oh yea some glitter on the heart wings.
Then I have been dying to show you guy's my weather vane checker thing I made over the weekend.
I hope you guys get a kick out of this. I'm actually gonna hang this on the outside of my place.
Just to let you know one thing before you see and read the pic. It's definitely stiff today...
You'll see what I mean in a sec..

Definitely Stiff here today....ahhaa love it.
I painted a board I found outside left over from porch we built over summer and used white paint (Duh) wrote the words out and colored a rubber stamp image from smeared ink and thats about it.
Redneck Weather Checker I call it.
Well hope you all have a good time checking out everyone's craft's today.
I would like to also enter this "Weather Checker"  into the weekly challenge at their challenge this week is "Anything Goes"

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