Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Couple little things to say

Well first off I would like to mention that I won the weekly challenge over at Kenny K..
Whooo hooo Thats the 2nd challenge I won since I started this online blog stalking thing.
Well I guess I have graduated from just stalking to actually playing along.
I am loving it too. Actually I do still stalk alot of people's blog's.
No way I can ever get through them in a day. Way too many good one's out there.
Although there are a few that I make sure to visit daily.

Second thing I wanted to mention was that I recently took part in an ATC swap.
Wow that was so much fun.
It was offered over at Crafter's Digital Art Center. You can get to it from a link over on the right hand side of my blog. It's the big purple one.
There is all kinds of swaps and challenges and prizes and stuff that goes on over there.
They have a couple swaps going on right now that still have open sign up's so you should go check it out.
Lots of nice ladies over there.
I wanted to post a pic of the cards I got in the mail today from that swap.
It was a Vintage Print ATC Swap. We were each to make 9 cards the same and got 9 different ones back.
Needless to say I am hooked and signed up for every swap they got going on right now. LoL
Yes I said hooked.
But anyway down there is the pic of the cards I got.
I was signed up for 2 groups so I got more than 9 different cards back. The 2 cards I made are on the bottom row.
The first one with man in trench coat on bottom row and the very last one that says charm on it with the lady and white flower on bottom row.
Well hope you guys enjoy looking at the card's.
It was truly a blast making them.
Have a good one....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kenny K Weekly Challenge Entry

This is my first entry into the Kenny K challenges. I have bought and used their digi's alot and wanted to enter a challenge but just hadnt gotten around to it. Well lately I have been not only being a blog stalker but trying to be a blogger myself. Well pretty much all I do is post my projects online.
This weeks challenge at Kenny K is to use your all time favorite digi.
That was hard to choose. They have alot of new steampunk images that are totally awesome to me but on this challenge I wanted to be true to one of the first digi's I bought from them and used quite a bit on cards and journals and other stuff.
Devilish Donna is the image I chose to use for this challenge.
Colored her with copics and used the rock star cardstock. (I think) that is what it's called. Sorry I cant remember. some bling across the top to top it off. Pathetic try at a laugh I know.
But anyway I really enjoy using kenny k stamps.
thanks for taking a look and enjoy.
Good luck to everyone.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pin Cushion I'm entering @Smudgy weekly challenge "Paint"

Hello all. Below is pictures of a pin cushion i finished literally 5 minutes ago. I was pressed thinking I wasnt going to make it in time. I didnt make it for the challenge last week.
I think the time zone difference is on my side. LoL. Nah it's 11:50 pm so I'm good.
I bought a couple doll baby heads at a thrift store a while back and wasnt quite sure what to do with them.
Well here lately I have been doing alot of sewing so I decided to make me a pin head pin cushion.
I recalled seeing one like this in a craft book a long time ago. I can't remember what the book was called but it had all kinds of wild n funky altered items in it. I wish I could remember the name of it.

When I first seen it I wasnt all that in to mixed media work but have since grown to love it dearly. one of my favorite things to do crafty.

Buy new stuff and make it look old or take a bunch of stuff to make one good project.

 I love the way it turned out.  I stuck my every day red tomatoe lookin pin cushion where the brain should be. LoL. I used burned out fuses for pin heads legs and stuck some lil paper punched rats I bought from this chick on etsy a while back. also stuck one of my frames on the front with a rat inside.
I love rats. I have 3 pet rats left out of 7 the beginning of year. They are all up there in age. That is why I have only 3 now. Downfall of pet rats. 3 to 4 maybe 5 years is all you get out of the little buggers, but they are great. I also took some white flowers and used a black copic marker on them and then glued some eyeballs for the centers of the flowers, took some fiber and wrapped around top of head to cover up my crooked cutting of the scalp, and put a bracelet I made with paper beads around her neck. Blacked her eyes and put some black lipstick on her and sent her on her way to smudgy antics website for the weekly challenge. Oh yea I painted it black first then some crackle and antique white. forgot to mention the whole paint thing. I used my smeared ink rubber sentiment stamp on the front.
Hope you guys like it.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Card Challenges

Howdy. Below is pics of the card I am entering into a challenge they are having this week.
This is the 2nd challenge I have entered to date. Before I am done believe me that number will change.
I used a stamp I recently bought from them that was enclosed in a grab bag I bought from their store I just love the style of their images. I am so glad that I found them.
Dont get me wrong the frilly pretty flowers and lil girly stuff is nice to play with too but this kind is dearer to my heart and closer to my personality. I just love them.
But anyway get to the point of this post anyway.
I stamped the image onto neenah (sorry neenah but I was out of blend-it) which I have grown to love very well with the markers I use. Yes copics. Who isnt using them now adays, right?
I have to say they are awesome.
Then I pulled out my lighter and went to town. lighting something besides a cig for a change.
I cinged the card as well as the flower and the image I stamped. I put the flame to it all.
Thats about it I guess.
I will learn better ways to explain my creations as time goes on I'm sure.
But hope you guys enjoy.

This card is being entered into:

Also would like to enter this card into the following challenges as well:
Their challenge is called: Challenge #1

                                                                                            Fresh Start. to use something you have never used before. I am entering the card above as the image and technique of making the card are both new to me. Just got the image out of a grab bag from Smeared Ink and first time using flame to a card. Thanks for letting me enter my cards.