Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Craft Barn Blog Candy Giveaway.

Wow and what an amazing candy giveaway it is.
I am new to the blog posting world thing and have never won a blog candy giveaway let alone offer one myself. I think it is so awesome how many people (crafter's) out there that offer up these types of giveaway's. It is amazing how many generous people are still out there.
I sometime's wonder where all the nice and generous people are these days after I have a sorta bad day around here then I just log onto my many blog's that I follow and see all the different challenge's going on and the prize's being awarded and the blog candy giveaway's that blogger's offer up to anyone.
Whether they know you or not. Just for simply becoming a follower and reading their blog.
Which most of the time alot of people would just do it for free.
I have seen alot of site's offer alot of different goodies of all type's.
I am a very generous person myself. It's just the joy I guess of giving something to someone who otherwise would not have it. That is my enjoyment of giving.
Especially around here with all the limited crafting shop's we have and all.
I do most all of my craft shopping online. We do have a Joann's fabric store but the contents of the store is in the name. FABRIC... I guess around here most of the ladie's and few gents that do craft are just into quilt's. which I like quilt's. who doesnt like a good heirloom quilt, right?
But as far as papercrafting or polymer clay or jewelry, art journal, mixed media it just doesnt exist at my local joann's.
So I do most of my shopping online.
Ok there I go again rambling and totally jumped off of the topic like I alway's do when writing a letter or telling a story.
Anyway I am sure that we have all gotten the point of my post today.
It is always very nice sometimes to give than to recieve.
So at this giving time of year be glad we are all alive and well and give thanks if nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you! I've been lucky enough to win a couple giveaways, and just participated in a swap and got some super cool stuff. Send me an email and I'll send you the loot from my past few giveaways...I didn't have any comments on those posts til you came along! Congrats and thank you so much for the lovely comments!!