Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 9 of 12 Day's of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style

Howdy Howdy from the smaller citie's of the world.
Wow day 9 and I'm still hanging in there.
Kinda proud of myself. Dont get me wrong I had faith in myself for sure but keeping up with everyone else on the hop has been a challenge.
So many awesome artist's out there it just kill's me.
I'm having a blast and hope to get invited again for another one. (hint hint)
But anyway got called off to work today and tried like crazy to explain to the electronic dummy hubby of mine on how to log on and post a pic.
I should have known better than that.
It went from Whatcha want for supper to trying to explain how to do it to go to wendy's and get your own suppper. LoL.
Nah it was'nt that bad but there were a few loud word's coming over the cell phone airway's in my neighborhood. I'll never ask him again. Believe it or not about the only thing my hubby know's how to do on a computer is turn it on and sometime's I have to remind him of where the button is.
All and all I made another tag for today using  digital stamp's of course.
Same paper from Lost and Found from My mind's eye.
Threw some stickle's on it tied some ribbon on the top and waaalaaahh. Another christmas tag smeared ink style. Aw bout forgot I even made a tag reinforcer thing for the top of tag.
First time I've ever did that and I rather like the way it look's so I think that's something I will keep on doing. I liiiikkeee it........
Hope you guys like my day 9 Tag

I also wanted to show you guy's a card I made for a patient of mine. It's a cutesy card using a rub on I bought last year. A christmas tree rubber stamp I bought at the dollar store and a snowman rubber stamp and of course more lost and found paper on the inside. I stamped same images on the envelope.
He really liked it. Said it was the first handmade card he had ever gotten. Had mixed feeling's about that. Felt good for making him one but felt bad that there's not more crafter's in my area who like to make thing's other than quilt's. Dont get me wrong I like me a nice warm quilt and have one on bed daily but that's all the crafting you hear about around here. Amongst the women anyway.
My man is alway's doing something crafty.
Hope you guy's have a great weekend


Jane said...

Love your tag it is fantastic
Luv Jane xxx

monique said...

beautiful, love it

Jamie said...

WOW fantastic tag!

ike said...

Love the tag - it's AWESOME and what a fabulous Chrimbo card :-D Made me laugh about your Hubby - obviously a techno-phobe !!!! LoL
Ike xx

Heather said...

Great tag!