Monday, August 10, 2015

What? Haven't posted since 2012

I can't believe it's been that long since I've posted anything on this here blog of mine. 
Or can I? 
It's sure been a rough last couple of years I do know that. 
I haven't entered a challenge or swap in forever. April 2012 to be exact and it was with one of my all time favorite sites. 
I haven't even been on that site in forever. 
But trust me I'm heading there in just a few. 
I was yesterday I believe visiting black dragons website only to find out some seriously horrible news. 
That Lily chilvers from octopede factory had passed away. 
What sad news. She was such a wonderful and talented artist who drew the most awesome quirky images. 
I own quite a few of her digis and also bought a few of her rubber stamps one time and she threw in about 5 free ones. 
Just shows how super nice she was. It is always so sad when death happens and always much sadder when it is someone so young. 
My heart goes out to her family and I hope they are able to heal and keep all her good memories up close to their hearts and souls. 

I will be posting more often now that I know my blog is still actually here. 
I guess I just assumed it would be deleted for not using. 
I have been doing a lot of art journaling and will post some of those pics for people who know me to take a look see at and most likely enter some challenges soon. 
This is a picture of a current project I am working on for a friend. 
It's of course obviously a shrine and I bought it from
She has the most amazing alterable art pieces I have ever seen. I just love her store. 
She also has the best customer service and always has a free gift in your package and shipping is super quick. 
I told her once that I had my package before I had even put my purse away. Yea she's that fast. If you like to alter stuff she is a must see. 
Well anyway guess I'll be talking to everyone later on. Have a great and safe evening. 


blackdragon said...

Soooooo good to see you back Marykay. I have missed you.
The smeared and smudged group is no longer on ning... we have a facebook group now.... I do hope you'll join us again when you get the time.
Hope everything is ok with you? You were gone a long long time!
Smeared ink shall be re-launching on september 1st.... it'd be good to see your work again.
Keep safe BDx

CreativeKhadija said...

Welcome back dear :) Nice to see your comment on my blog! keep sharing cute stuff!
Happy weekend.

skybird said...

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