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Hello everyone and good day to you. I must start this by telling you that this is day 2 of this new post. This screen has been on my computer all day  and all night until now. I started this post on hop morning. I was going to be about 30 minutes late getting my post up for the blog hop and I got an emergency phone call from a client of mine and had to rush to the hospital where I stayed for the next 13 or more hour's. Going to the hospital (er) around here is like taking an overnight unplanned trip. Then I had to keep an eye on my client and I have been home for about 2 hours and its saturday morn 6:55 am
I dont have a phone that I can use to connect to any website's to where I could have posted about my where abouts yesterday. Or do I have anyone's phone number's that I could have called so I was rudely MIA..
I have been doing blog hop's with smeared and smudged since november 2011 and never have I missed one. I think it should be considered a Felony... I in no way was able to finish the post before I had to run out of here. It honestly was a life or death situation and I totally had no choice. I needed to be there for my client.
I totally apologize to anyone that stopped by yesterday to see the hop n swap post that was not here. Please forgive me. Ok so on with this again. The following paragraph's obviously were started before I left. Computer has been on this screen to start a new post since then right where I left it and took off out the door. I will keep that as is and continue this post today from the end of it as it is going into the detail's of the hop and what I have put together for it.. Please forgive me for breaking the link.
I cant wait to go through the hop and see what everyone else came up with. I stopped by BlackDragon's that morning to copy what she had wrote in her post header and seen a quick shot of her's but didnt scroll down yet. Looked amazing as usual. Cant wait to see it all..
The following paragraph was started the morning of the hop and I decided to leave it up as well....
Hello everyone and a big healthy THANK YOU for stopping by my little space in www world.
Smeared and Smudged decided to have another blog hop this month and is inspired by a story that unfortunately until now I had never heard of. "BUNNICULA".
Some have said that they read it in school. Not my school. I have since finding out about the hop and swap have went online and read bits and pieces of how the story goes. Now I am on a mission to find and read the entire book  and all of it's part's. From what I have read Chester the cat is my favorite character. Although of course the vampire bunny is totally cool.
Anyway we are to make a project and then we get the pleasure of sending our project to a smeared and smudged sister (secretly) and get a project. ewwww weeee I love getting package's and especially gonna like this as it's gonna have a handmade item from a secret sister. This is gonna be fun. I just hope my project add's up. I'm nowhere as good as alot of the active member's of the group.
I know I know enough yakking and get on with it.
                                                       This is a pic of all 3 projects together. The gatefold journal and earrings and a bracelet made from the same pic on front of journal and altered onto some dominoe's.
I've been wanting to try a technique I learned from the amazing crafter's of smeared and smudged and that's layering the same image to make a 3-d looking image and I think it turned out pretty cool. I will be doing this again.
This is a close up of the charms I made for the fiber of the journal. Some are made from layering paper and some are made from shrink plastic.

This is how the 7gypsies gatefold journal looks like when opened up. I've never used one like this myself so I had to grab up one for this hop n swap. I'll have to wait till they have more to get one for myself. This was the last one. Not sure what the little section on the right is for but maybe the secret sis that get's this will be able to share some insight on what she plans to do with it.
I just restamped the small phrase thats under the pic on the journal and stamped the nevermore as well.
Pic of inside left side of journal. I covered the name up for now they cant know who's stuff their getting. Only when they open it up will the identity be discovered. hah I lvoe it.
This is a picture frame I started first and then decided against it as I was afraid the only time it could really be used was around halloween. Well anyone but me I guess I would have had it out all year round. I may still go ahead and send it along with the other stuff. Not sure yet. The inside pic will be different if I put one in. I used it for the front of journal.  I may just put it back together as is and send it too.
Again Ya'll sorry it was late but it was an emergency I could not help but be there for them.

I would also like to enter this into the Simon Says Stamp Challenge. Their theme this week is the ever famous "Anything Goes"


DK Spins said...

Your project(s) were well worth the wait, Mary Kay. Phenomenal! I love that you chose Bunnicula meets Poe. Cute earrings and and wonderful journal, all the little details are so much fun. Love the frame! Perfectly understandable why you were late. I hope your client is doing better and that you are over your cold.

blackdragon said...

Marykay...i am glad you got to post your project....sorry you had an emergancy trip thou.
Wow...what can i have out done yourself with this one.... why didnt i think of bunnicula meets Poe?
The journal,earrings and bracelet are all incredible.... each is a masterpiece....i envy the person you're sending to.... yet again i'm a green dragon.
Love BDx

ike said...

This is totally AWESOME MaRyKaY... your Swap Sister is going to be blown away. Mega Fabulous :-D xxxxxx

Joy said...

Fabulous creation, I can see all the effort that you put into this beauty... thanks for joining us at Simon Says Challenge blog

skybird said...

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