Friday, April 13, 2012

April's Smeared and Smudged Member's Blog Hop


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Hello everyone and a big fat Friday the 13th Welcome to you all...
It's Smeared and Smudged monthly blog hop time again and you should have came here to me from the ever fabulous BlackDragon's Lair..
This month we were all suited with the task of crafting something to do with a Phobia we may or may not have. Well as me Granny Hut would always say "Girl, your just not living right".
She would say this to me everytime I would mention anything about dying.
Yep I am afraid of dying. I dont know if this is considered a Phobia as in most phobia's.
I'm not scared of clowns, have never feared many local animals, not scared of spider's, snakes, angry road rage people, I had to seriously think on this one..
I can honestly say I am scared to death of dying. Do we really know what await's us? NO!!
So I made my project on death. "The Walking Dead" ZOMBIES!! to be exact...
Ewww weeee now that scare's me me S_ _ _ LESS..
I decided to alter this little wooden box I've had around for a while. I painted it black and then did the crackle effect layer then threw on some green paint, hit it with the heat gun and left it on there for a while. Wish you could see it real life. It bubbled up and the green layer just kinda hangs there kinda like skin and flesh hanging off  of a zombie. Its really cool.
Then I hit it with some of Lyndy's stamp gang startburst spray Bucket O Blood and glued some of those brain cobochon's to the front from Creepy Glowbugg Concoctions.
Hung some colored digi's on the inside from Smeared Ink's Zombie Pinups Set.
Take a look

Hope you guy's liked it. Now your off to check out what Phobia  Tink has in store for us.
Hope you guys have a great day hopping around and checking out all the great phobia project's today.

I would also like to enter this into the following challenge's if I may.
They are having a Friday the 13th Blog Hop today as well. They are offering up prizes and you have until april 15th to hop and leave comments for all the night crew creaters and april 19th to enter their challege.


Aletha J. Williams said...

Awesome altered box and a great inspiration for me! Death, if we stop to think about it, is a phobia for all of us.

Trisha said...

Great project!

Susan said...

and indeed death waits for us all! one here gets out alive as they say! love the creepy feel of your box, and all the scary stuff in that SPIDER!! EEEEWW!
Great job!

Laura B said...

Really cool box! I love the way you painted it.

I Don't Do Straight said...

Very very creepy! You've done a FANTASTIC job on the box :)

Ally White Cat said...

intense work of the spider and the box is awesome.
susan s.

lisa aka b.creative said...

lovely texture and those brains looks fab on this project! xx lisa

~Lady B~ said...

Ewwww! The box looks sticky and gooey! Awesome effect, BTW...totally looks bloody! I fear death too. Love your amazing creation! Thanks for sharing your fear :)

Anonymous said...

Mary Kay~That is an awesome altered box. You did such a great job!!!

monique said...

you've done an awesome job altering that box, love this very much the spider loks almost real, stunning project well done you

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Loving your zombified box! and all the little surprises it contains.

Jane said...

Love your box and contents the colour is fantastic xxx

Anonymous said...

Mary love this altered box very creepy. Thank you for joining us at Forever Night this week xx

ike said...

fabulous - love the little box but it looks really gooey and snotty like it's festering away.... awesome effect :-) xxx

Steph said...

Cuck, your little coffin looks like it's covered in guts! (love it) Totally brilliant how you acheived that look, I wish I could touch it. And the zombie and spider add even more awesomeness. But that little guy without a body totally creeps me out. Thanks for joining us at Forever Night Challenges :)

Ms. Ruin said...

OMG - it's fabulous! I want one now. lol

Nikki Byrne said...

Fabulous altered box :o) Thank you for sharing it with us at Forever night this week. good luck. hugs


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