Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting hang of this blogging thing

Well I did at least today learn how to post to the blog the easy way. I had (what few posts) been posting by adding a gadget. At least I believe that is the way I have what goodies I do have on here.
I have been reading alot of crafting blogs. Should I say that is the only blogs that I read.
I am entering a swap from the crafters digital art site from priscilla's group.
I have my first set of cards finished and will be mailing them off soon.
Been scoping out alot of digital stamp sites lately. Boy there sure is alot of them out there now.
I really enjoy the smeared ink digi's and rubber stamps.
I've always liked the different and unusual.
I will post a pic of them after everyone has gotten there cards.
Dont want to ruin the surprise of seeing them in person for the first time.
At least I would rather see them fresh out of the mailbox.

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