Monday, August 10, 2015

What? Haven't posted since 2012

I can't believe it's been that long since I've posted anything on this here blog of mine. 
Or can I? 
It's sure been a rough last couple of years I do know that. 
I haven't entered a challenge or swap in forever. April 2012 to be exact and it was with one of my all time favorite sites. 
I haven't even been on that site in forever. 
But trust me I'm heading there in just a few. 
I was yesterday I believe visiting black dragons website only to find out some seriously horrible news. 
That Lily chilvers from octopede factory had passed away. 
What sad news. She was such a wonderful and talented artist who drew the most awesome quirky images. 
I own quite a few of her digis and also bought a few of her rubber stamps one time and she threw in about 5 free ones. 
Just shows how super nice she was. It is always so sad when death happens and always much sadder when it is someone so young. 
My heart goes out to her family and I hope they are able to heal and keep all her good memories up close to their hearts and souls. 

I will be posting more often now that I know my blog is still actually here. 
I guess I just assumed it would be deleted for not using. 
I have been doing a lot of art journaling and will post some of those pics for people who know me to take a look see at and most likely enter some challenges soon. 
This is a picture of a current project I am working on for a friend. 
It's of course obviously a shrine and I bought it from
She has the most amazing alterable art pieces I have ever seen. I just love her store. 
She also has the best customer service and always has a free gift in your package and shipping is super quick. 
I told her once that I had my package before I had even put my purse away. Yea she's that fast. If you like to alter stuff she is a must see. 
Well anyway guess I'll be talking to everyone later on. Have a great and safe evening. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Smudgy Antic's Weekly Challenge & New Digi Release from Smeared Ink

New Release Blog Hop


and our GDT

Hello again everyone and a happy welcome to you.
Smeared Ink is releasing a new set of digi's and let me tell you they are gorgeous.
Speaking of gorgeous that is the theme for the challenge this week at Smudgyantics.
"Drop Dead Gorgeous"
This is my last challenge entry as Guest Designer. My month is up. I had a blast and it went way to fast.
Ok more about that at a later time.
Smeared Ink's  new digis  are called "Women of Power" and the other is "Milagros"
Did I mention that they were gorgeous?
I made a card using "Medusa" from the "Women of Power" set.
I kept it pretty plain so to not take anything away from the image. I wanted that to be pretty much the only thing you see. Isn't she gorgeous?
Thank you for stopping by and taking a look and dont forget to run over to Smeared Ink and get yourself some of these new digi's.

I would also like to enter this into the weekly challenge at "Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog" Their challenge this week is everyone's favorite "Anything Goes" Follow this link to go check it out

I would also like to enter this into the challenge at "Make It Monday" #87  @

I would also like to enter this into a new site I seen on a friends blog (hope you dont mind I followed you)

 I would love to also enter my card at this another great challenge site I found through a friends entry @

Please allow me to enter this card into your challenge @ Crafty Catz

Saturday, April 28, 2012



Blog Roll


Black Dragon





Hello everyone and good day to you. I must start this by telling you that this is day 2 of this new post. This screen has been on my computer all day  and all night until now. I started this post on hop morning. I was going to be about 30 minutes late getting my post up for the blog hop and I got an emergency phone call from a client of mine and had to rush to the hospital where I stayed for the next 13 or more hour's. Going to the hospital (er) around here is like taking an overnight unplanned trip. Then I had to keep an eye on my client and I have been home for about 2 hours and its saturday morn 6:55 am
I dont have a phone that I can use to connect to any website's to where I could have posted about my where abouts yesterday. Or do I have anyone's phone number's that I could have called so I was rudely MIA..
I have been doing blog hop's with smeared and smudged since november 2011 and never have I missed one. I think it should be considered a Felony... I in no way was able to finish the post before I had to run out of here. It honestly was a life or death situation and I totally had no choice. I needed to be there for my client.
I totally apologize to anyone that stopped by yesterday to see the hop n swap post that was not here. Please forgive me. Ok so on with this again. The following paragraph's obviously were started before I left. Computer has been on this screen to start a new post since then right where I left it and took off out the door. I will keep that as is and continue this post today from the end of it as it is going into the detail's of the hop and what I have put together for it.. Please forgive me for breaking the link.
I cant wait to go through the hop and see what everyone else came up with. I stopped by BlackDragon's that morning to copy what she had wrote in her post header and seen a quick shot of her's but didnt scroll down yet. Looked amazing as usual. Cant wait to see it all..
The following paragraph was started the morning of the hop and I decided to leave it up as well....
Hello everyone and a big healthy THANK YOU for stopping by my little space in www world.
Smeared and Smudged decided to have another blog hop this month and is inspired by a story that unfortunately until now I had never heard of. "BUNNICULA".
Some have said that they read it in school. Not my school. I have since finding out about the hop and swap have went online and read bits and pieces of how the story goes. Now I am on a mission to find and read the entire book  and all of it's part's. From what I have read Chester the cat is my favorite character. Although of course the vampire bunny is totally cool.
Anyway we are to make a project and then we get the pleasure of sending our project to a smeared and smudged sister (secretly) and get a project. ewwww weeee I love getting package's and especially gonna like this as it's gonna have a handmade item from a secret sister. This is gonna be fun. I just hope my project add's up. I'm nowhere as good as alot of the active member's of the group.
I know I know enough yakking and get on with it.
                                                       This is a pic of all 3 projects together. The gatefold journal and earrings and a bracelet made from the same pic on front of journal and altered onto some dominoe's.
I've been wanting to try a technique I learned from the amazing crafter's of smeared and smudged and that's layering the same image to make a 3-d looking image and I think it turned out pretty cool. I will be doing this again.
This is a close up of the charms I made for the fiber of the journal. Some are made from layering paper and some are made from shrink plastic.

This is how the 7gypsies gatefold journal looks like when opened up. I've never used one like this myself so I had to grab up one for this hop n swap. I'll have to wait till they have more to get one for myself. This was the last one. Not sure what the little section on the right is for but maybe the secret sis that get's this will be able to share some insight on what she plans to do with it.
I just restamped the small phrase thats under the pic on the journal and stamped the nevermore as well.
Pic of inside left side of journal. I covered the name up for now they cant know who's stuff their getting. Only when they open it up will the identity be discovered. hah I lvoe it.
This is a picture frame I started first and then decided against it as I was afraid the only time it could really be used was around halloween. Well anyone but me I guess I would have had it out all year round. I may still go ahead and send it along with the other stuff. Not sure yet. The inside pic will be different if I put one in. I used it for the front of journal.  I may just put it back together as is and send it too.
Again Ya'll sorry it was late but it was an emergency I could not help but be there for them.

I would also like to enter this into the Simon Says Stamp Challenge. Their theme this week is the ever famous "Anything Goes"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Rust Guide

Found this in the draft archive. Figured I might as well go ahead and post. Somebody might find this useful. 
I know I sure do love me some nice rusty items. 
I'm definitely a rust lover. 
Have a good one. 

Follow this link to learn new ways to rust tin and stuff. easy directions. Must warn you though it is using various chemicals. All at which are usually in every household. Follow this link to go to the techniques page.
A rust guide

Another post found in draft archive Techniques for Aging Paper

This one is for aging paper. 
I haven't revisited the site so hope it's even still available. 
Hope someone can enjoy and use this technique. 

Techniques for Aging Paper

Found this great easy paper aging technique I had to share

Lemon Juice Burning
Hello everyone looking. I found this great tutorial today to age paper. I cant wait to give it a try myself. Looks really interesting and quite easy. You should give it a go too. I just couldnt keep this all to myself.
Dont get alot of visitor's here on this lil blog of mine but if I can turn one person onto this I have done what I intended to do posting this.
Go give it a try. Looks like fun.
Click following link to go there.. Enjoy!!

Lemon Juice Burning


Monday, April 23, 2012

Smudgy Antic's Weekly Challenge "Rain Down On Me"

This week's challenge at Smudgyantics is "Rain down on me" Use water...For my inspiration piece this week as Guest Designer I chose to do another Journal Spread.

I used several rubberstamps and digi stamps from smeared ink. Flower accessories from killer-bo-peeps rubber set--Sassy Flower from killer bo peeps--skull face flower from killer bo peeps--tarantula from same set--Goth-fairies Cornelius,Honey and Precious. I switched the 2 female fairies wings out for other's for a lil diggerence. Used tons of spray inks, splashed some water on it of course and stuck a complete package of "Rain Dots" all over the page. Used my white acrylic paint pen to add some journaling. When I started adding the words a long time favorite rock group of mine kept popping in my head so I had to throw them on the page too... None other than "JACKYL"
"Is it ever gonna rain?" "Rain down on me" I love that band...
Hope you guys like my piece for this week's challenge and hope that we have tons of people entering this challenge this week. Come on what's better to play with in the craftroom than ink's--rubber-sprays-paints and some water to boot...Give it a go..
Have a great week everyone.

I would like to enter this into the following challenge's
Their challenge this week is "Anything Goes"

Their challenge this week is Rain or Shower's

Their challenge as always "Anything Goes"

Their challenge is "April shower's bring May flower's"

I hope you all will accept my entries into your challenge's and  Good luck to everyone entering.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Smudgy Antic's Weekly Challenge "BINGO"

Smudgy Antics is having a "BINGO" challenge this week.. Now we all know how to play the original Bingo game and this is sorta the same but with a twist. You know Smudgy Antic's, what fun would it be without a twist, right?
The bingo card has different mediums or techniques and you have to pick a line. One line horizontal, diagonal or vertical, your choice. Then use the 3 items or techniques that are listed in the line that you choose. This is another new thing for me. I have seen this here and there online but this is my first go at it. Here's the bingo card

And here is my card for this challenge
I chose to do the first vertical line embossing-skull-metal.
I used  the Dominatrix  digi from the Femdom digi set from Smeared Ink.
Used black ink spray on a card, then used a brick wall stencil that I cut out myself, used red embossing powder on it and used a skull pendant that was bought for my dog's collar but never quite made it there. It is a gold metal of some kind and also used another little silver metal heart with wing's charm.
The rose was sprayed with black ink spray and I threw that on there as an extra lil touch.
There were alot of entrie's last week and I'm sure everyone at Smudgy Antic's would love to see that double this week. I know I would.
So won't you go take a peek at all the inspiration piece's from the awesome design team and have a go at this week's challenge.
Come on ya know ya wanna!

I would also like to enter this card into the follower challenge's if I may:

This is the first time I have ever entered a challenge at their site. Came across it today and thought it was such a fun looking challenge site that lets you create WHAT you want with WHATEVER you want. Their challenge this week is Challenge #30 Charmed I'm sure. (Use a Charm).

This is also the first time I have entered a challenge here as well. Their challenge is "Anything Goes" with the prize being a smash book prize package gift. Something I dont have in my craft stash. Good luck everyone entering..

Their challenge is also "Anything Goes" another new challenge site for me. They have like 632 entries so far. Usually I would avoid challenges with this many entries but I have been trying to get my crafting out there with all the best and learn alongside with them.

I would also like to enter this card over at Make it Monday

Friday, April 13, 2012

April's Smeared and Smudged Member's Blog Hop


April Smeared and Smudged Member Hop
Blog Roll
Black Dragon
Susan Guzy
Madeleine Bouquet
Lady Brayton
Ms. Ruin
Lisa Hall

Hello everyone and a big fat Friday the 13th Welcome to you all...
It's Smeared and Smudged monthly blog hop time again and you should have came here to me from the ever fabulous BlackDragon's Lair..
This month we were all suited with the task of crafting something to do with a Phobia we may or may not have. Well as me Granny Hut would always say "Girl, your just not living right".
She would say this to me everytime I would mention anything about dying.
Yep I am afraid of dying. I dont know if this is considered a Phobia as in most phobia's.
I'm not scared of clowns, have never feared many local animals, not scared of spider's, snakes, angry road rage people, I had to seriously think on this one..
I can honestly say I am scared to death of dying. Do we really know what await's us? NO!!
So I made my project on death. "The Walking Dead" ZOMBIES!! to be exact...
Ewww weeee now that scare's me me S_ _ _ LESS..
I decided to alter this little wooden box I've had around for a while. I painted it black and then did the crackle effect layer then threw on some green paint, hit it with the heat gun and left it on there for a while. Wish you could see it real life. It bubbled up and the green layer just kinda hangs there kinda like skin and flesh hanging off  of a zombie. Its really cool.
Then I hit it with some of Lyndy's stamp gang startburst spray Bucket O Blood and glued some of those brain cobochon's to the front from Creepy Glowbugg Concoctions.
Hung some colored digi's on the inside from Smeared Ink's Zombie Pinups Set.
Take a look

Hope you guy's liked it. Now your off to check out what Phobia  Tink has in store for us.
Hope you guys have a great day hopping around and checking out all the great phobia project's today.

I would also like to enter this into the following challenge's if I may.
They are having a Friday the 13th Blog Hop today as well. They are offering up prizes and you have until april 15th to hop and leave comments for all the night crew creaters and april 19th to enter their challege.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Smudgy Antics Weekly Challenge "Anything Goes"

Hey Ya'll just wanted to let you know that over at Smudgy Antics their challenge for this week is "Anything Goes". I've noticed that everyone likes to enter that theme the most so please head on over and showoff your masterpiece's. I know they'd love to see each and every piece ya got.
I have the honor of being on the Guest Designer Spot for the month of April and they told me I could make a project for the challenge's. So for this week's challenge I went ahead and put together another Journal Spread. I've been trying to do alittle working in it every day. I have succeeded in scribbling or spraying something on it every day but not finishing anything. So after all the hooplah of Easter Sunday was over and all the Motocross on the tube was over I decided to finish a spread.
I just love watching "Twitch" ride his dirt bike. If I was his girl I'd hold my breathe every jump. Their women sure must be a nervous wreck by the end of the show's. I know I'm nervous for um.
Ok so here's my Art Journal Spread I finished for the challenge:

Did this in my new watercolour journal. used various ink sprays a couple few stencil's, 2 different stamp sets from dylusions, the rabbit digi with the egg is a new one of smeared ink's Burton Bunny digi the sentiment is from a holtz rubber stamp set I have. I threw some flower sticker's in the mix some paper doilie's and wally wally ding dong there ya have it. Thanks again for stopping by and checking me and mine out and hope you all have a great and happy safe week....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Smudgy Antics EGG-static challenge and Beyond The Burtonesque Dolls rotten egg challenge and 8 other Challenge site's I was lucky enough to find today. Please accept my entry.

Hello all. I totally got side tracked on posting this to go along with the challenge over at Smudgy Antics and also would like to enter these eggs into another challenge that I have never entered in. Better now than never right?  Its over at Beyond The Burtonesque Dolls their theme this week is Rotten Egg challenge. So I had to totally share these eggs with them as well. 
Believe it or not this was actually a challenging challenge for me. I was very honored is being asked to be the Guest Designer for Smeared and Smudged Forum. YES Guest Designer. I was floored when they asked me. I'm more of a blog challenge stalker follower type of person not someone who likes to be in the center of anything. Especially attention. I'm the girl that always sit in the back of the classroom if you know what I mean?  So for the challenge's I usually enter at Smudgy Antics we get to see some awesome inspiration pieces to get some idea's. Nope not this time. They threw me in a room all by myself gave me a theme and then turned the lights out on me on the way out... Nah just joking about the last part.... Thats my sick sense of humor coming out. But without any inspiration to go on I felt like I was totally left in the dark.
But I bit my lip stuck my tongue out the side of my mouth and had at it..
I ended up making 3 eggs and 1 of my poe eggs totally got thrown out of the picture. (Literally)
I didnt think it deserved a solo pic so that's him there in the background. It started out cool and then I dropped it and it got even cooler looking as I put more cracks all over it and then sprayed more walnut ink on it. It totally looked like it was going to be the best one but when I stamped the pic of tissue paper and mod podged it on it just didnt look right. I didnt have any white eggs to start off with anyway. All that was in my fridge at the time was brown eggs. So I ended up making 2 more. One grumpie stamped image that I stuck some of those micro beads too and used tons of homemade red ink spray and then the 2nd poe egg I left uncolored and stamped the chain link fence stamp from quote the raven rubber set and of course poe himself and then stuck some back lace ribbon around it... So there are my first deco eggs in a long time.
You totally have to go check out all the design teams eggs... wooowwww man like I said I am so honored to even have any of my work anywhere near there's in a listing. 
Also I just got finished looking through all the entries for this weeks challenge and I must say everyone did a fabulous job on this. I totally wouldnt want Mr. Random's job that's for sure...

I would like to enter this into the Beyond The Burtonesque challenge "Rotten Eggs" @

I would also like to enter this into another first for me over at Simply Create Too their theme is Egg's or Bunnies. @

Another new awesome challenge site I would like to enter this into is a month long challenge over at Crafty Calendar Challenge Blog and their theme is Egg-STRA-Special @

I would also like to enter these eggs into the Craft Us Crazy challenge their challenge for everyone is Anything But a Card. Alter something. So I would love to enter my altered eggs into their challenge @

I would also like to enter this into another blog challenge site that I was happy to see welcome's all. So that means they will welcome me and my style too. Thank you for that by the way. It is called Everybody-Art-Challenge their theme is Easter so I'd like to enter my altered eggs into their challenge as well. @

Also would love to enter this into Make it Monday Challenge blog. Their theme is always "Anything Goes" so I would love to enter my easter eggs in their challenge please @

Always Crafting is also having a challenge this week that is "Anything but a Card" so I would like to enter these eggs into their challenge as well over @

I also came across this other awesome site that was accepting eggs for their challenge and would love to enter their challenge with my work this week as well please @

Last but definitely not least is another new challenge blog for me and that is GingerLoft Challenge blog and their theme this week is also "Anything But a Card" Please accept these altered eggs into your challenge this time around. You can find them over @

Thank you very much for looking at and accepting my entries into each and every one of your challenge blogs. I looked over each challenge to the best of my ability and I do believe that I have followed all the rules. If I have goofed on any of the entries please accept my apologies. I am sorta new to all this challenge entry stuff. Well actually just new to entering challenges on any other site that is not my homeplate at Smudgy Antics. I would love to get my cards,altered items, art journaling pieces and other crafts out for everyone to see. I hope you accept me and my art style with open arms. I definitely am handing it out with open arms and open mind and wish everyone entering the same challenges all the luck. Thank you for looking. Enjoy your Easter Sunday!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Smudgy Antics Weekly Challenge "Touch Me"

Howdy Howdy Howdy... I want to get this post up. I am totally pushin the gun here as I have I think about 2 hours left to submit my piece for the challenge.
This weeks Challenge is "Touch Me"
Lay on the stuff. All about texture embossing powders, embossing folders, gesso spackling compound, whatever you can.
You should totally go there and check out the design teams pieces for this week.
One of my favorites. Really some awesome submission's this week.
Ok on to mine.
I did another journal spread. I finally got myself a watercolor paper journal and made up a bunch of ink sprays with reinkers I have had laying around for a while. The first pic is with the flash on the camera 2nd is without. Which one do you guys think is the best? I always have a hard time with that.I've been doing alot of art journaling these last couple of weeks.

 One of my favorite techniques to do right now.
 I love doing it.
Here's some pics of what I did last night. I have tons of compound spackling black gesso, white gesso, spray inks. The heart digi with wings is from smeared ink. I used a few different crafter's workshop stencils on this spread. I ordered a couple of dylusion's stencils,inks and stamps and cant wait to get them to play with. Her ink looks like alot of fun. Black gesso ended up being alittle run y for some reason. kinda ran out around the stencil. Or then again it could have just been me of course.. I'm sorry I cant remember where I got the lady digi. So hopefullly it's not a copyrighted image. I'm always afraid of that. If it is and you see it please forgive me and let me know if you want me to credit you totally for such an awesome image. I should rather be safe than sorry later and just not use images I cant remember where it came from. I've been keeping pretty good track of the digi's I acquire now. I keep them all in their own folder so this never happens again.
Have a good sunday everyone. I'm totally spending the day in my craft room. I claim sunday's for that I was getting too behind on some inky trashy fun.. Goodnight all

                                                            Left Side
                                                           Right hand side
 Ok I also want to show you this awesome piece of art. I rented an apartment to this yound kid and his girlfriend. He is a graffiti artist. He brought this over to me last night. Isnt this awesome. I love work like this. I'm gonna ask him to do my name in this way. I've always loved looking at train cars going by with this stuff on it. fascinating to me. I think he's awesome. In the big blue letters he did a crackly effect. 2nd pic show's a closer shot if it. Cant wait to see more of his work.

I want to enter my journal spread up above this into the weekly challenge at smudgy antics. Click here to see the other's awesome work. Good luck to everyone. awesome work...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Card for Simon Says Stamp Challenge "Anything Goes" and 2 other great challenge blog's

Hello all. I am posting this to link up a Spring card that I made. I would like to enter this into the Simon Says Stamp Challenge "Anything Goes" and That craft Place challenge and Party Time Tuesday's challenge all challenge's are "Anything Goes" I want to make sure that I am following all the rules of the challenge's. I am always worried about the different rules that different sites have.
I just recently started entering challenge's and I think its a blast.
Seeing all the project's that people make and learning new techniques. I just love stalking around all the blog's. It's great fun for me.
Lately I havent been able to make alot of cards and had to put my foot down and make sunday my day to craft as long as I want. I'm off that day so why not, right?
This is a bright yellow card. It's that pyramage style card.
EWww I hope I spelled that right. Sorry if not.
I got turned on to this style of cards last year and have made a couple since then.
This one is all about spring.
Hope you like it.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenge's if I am permitted:
Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog :Simon Says,,,,,,,,,,Anything Goes!! :-) @

That Craft Place Challenge Blog  Which is relaunching.. Anything Goes @

Party Time Tuesday's Challenge "Anything Goes" @

Good luck to everyone entering and have a safe and peaceful spring...

My crafty walk-in closet

Hello everyone. Well I'm posting this
 link on behalf of all the crafter's over @ Smeared and Smudged.
Someone had started a discussion on how to organize stuff in your craft space and lots of others posted pics of their rooms.
I'm not much of a girly girl so I really have no need for a walk-in closet.
So I turned it into my crafty space. It actually is a pretty good size. It suits me fine.
It is crammed plum full I tell ya that for sure. I love looking at pics of peoples craft spaces. I just love to see where people create all their awesome pieces. Will you show me your room? Mess and all this is it. Have fun looking. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my dump. hahhah

                                                     View looking in from rest of house. Yea I know it's crammed full. I'm a craft pack rat. Well you know I will use it someday. hahahah
Hubby built this for my workspace and shelves for wood stamps n other goodies.
                                                      Another thingy hubby built for paints inks and all the good mags. I have a hard time throwing magazines away...
                                            This is how I store my unmounted stamps.
                                          3rd drawer down from woodmounted stamps. clearstamps on right and stampin up and H2o's and foam stamps stored here.
                                         I just love these lil kinds of diddy box storage things. full of who knows what.
                                                Totally a contraption I put together that consists of milk crate on top right a 3 tired shelf thing I got out of the trash and its sitting on an end table. Yes I dig in the trash sometime's. I live in the historical district and you wouldnt believe some of the stuff these people throw away. I love it. One man's trash is another woman's gold mine. hahhaha. all my paper and magazines and  unmounted stamps here and jewelry making supplies on the bottom.
                                                      another old looking thing I got out of the trash that holds my 6x6 paper pads perfectly. I just love this old thing. Its so cool looking. great find. and of course ya have to have a wood saw hanging on the wall. never know when you will need it.

                                                    shoe hanging thing I keep my embellishments in
                                                        This is another closet hanging cheap plastic thing I use for punches and the pic under is another one I think its actually for jewelry and stuff but my ribbons and stuff fit perfectly in it. plus some other stuff too..

                                                            View of the extra storage space inside the walk in closet. Yes it's always like that.fabric and stuff on top. sewing tools in bins on wheels under sewing machine. When it comes time for sewing I roll that whole thing into the living room on my old antique sewing desk thing. Yep got it out of the trash. Its awesome. It's one of those kind that you used to lift the sewing machine up through the middle and another flap comes out to make it wider.
                                           and this lovely pair. she totally reached over to grab his hand (Paw) when I started snapping pics. It was awesome. they are an oinry pair.
                                            Ooops forgot I uploaded this one. This is the whole view of the table thing hubby made me. When I'm crafting I stand on the far right hand side of this and go at whatever I'm doing. He really out did himself on this table storage thing. He's awesome and very handy. I give him an idea of what I want or I show him a pic and he comes up with just these awesome pieces. He's awesome...
Well I know I took alot of pics but I felt like I had to just to get it all in cause its such a small kinda weird room. But I totally love it.